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Starting an Online Gaming Business

The Complete Guide to Starting an Online Gaming Business

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that has become more and more popular as time goes on. There are many different ways to start your own game company, but this guide will help you get started.

There are many ways to start your own game company, but this guide will help you get started. We will look at what you need to do before starting a game company, how to create your own games and distribute them, and what the future of gaming might look like.

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How to Find the Best Game Developers for your Company?

There are many ways to find the best game developers for your company. The first is to use a headhunter service. This can be expensive, but it will be worth it if you can find the developer that will work best for you.

One of the most common ways to find the best game developers is try to find on google. You can visit slot pragmatic play as a reference, they are one the best games provider in the world right now with over 20.000 active members playing there every month and still at the top performance.

Another way is to create a job advertisement and post it on different forums, sites, and social media platforms. You can also attend conferences, meetups, and networking events in order to find your next game developer hire.

The best game developers are the ones that can create a game with the desired features and aesthetics.

The following is a list of things to look for when trying to find the best game developers for your company:

  •  The number of years they have been in business
  • Their experience in making games
  • The type of games they have made
  • The platforms they have worked on.
What is the Difference Between Web & Native Games?

Offline games are played on a gaming console or on a PC. You must have the game installed on your device before playing it.

Online games are played over the internet and do not require any installation. All you need is an internet connection, which you can get from your home, office, or any other public place with an available Wi-Fi connection.

Offline games are usually more expensive than online games because they often require a console and/or a computer that can be costly to buy and maintain. Online games are usually cheaper because they don’t require any hardware to play them.

What are the Most Common Promotions and Monetization Methods of Web and Native Games?

The success of a game is determined by monetization and promotion strategies. The marketing strategies for mobile games are different from those in the offline industry.

Offline games are usually marketed through online channels such as social media, websites, and forums. On the other hand, mobile games are mostly promoted through app stores and social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Mobile gaming has to be promoted on a larger scale because of its geographical limitations. Offline gaming can be promoted locally without any problem.

The Advantages of Technology on Market Research in The Modern Era

Technology has made the process of market research more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Market research is an important part of any business, especially in the modern era. Technology has made it easier for companies to conduct market research by providing them with information about the latest trends. Market research helps companies understand their customers better and with a better understanding, they can provide better services to their customers.

Technology has not only improved efficiency, but also helped in getting access to data that was previously unavailable or difficult to obtain. The accuracy of data has also increased due to advances in technology as there is less human involvement now than before which means that there are less chances of errors creeping into the data.

The advent of technology has changed the way we conduct market research in the modern era. The use of technology has helped us save time, cost, and effort.

The first advantage is that it is less time-consuming to conduct market research with the help of technology. This is because it reduces the need for human intervention which can be a lengthy process. Second, it also saves on cost as there is no need for hiring people to do surveys or focus groups which are expensive processes. And finally, using technology also helps in cutting down on errors as there are fewer chances of human error when using digital data collection methods.

How Technology can Improve Marketing Campaigns & Reduce Costs

Marketing campaigns are a crucial part of any business. They help to reach out to the target audience and make them aware of the product or service being offered. In order to achieve this, businesses spend a lot on marketing campaigns. However, with technology, they can now reduce their costs and use it in an efficient way.

There are many ways in which technology can be used in marketing campaigns. It can be used for data gathering, content creation, and distribution among others. With digital solutions, marketers no longer need to spend on expensive billboards or print ads that are not only costly, but also ineffective when it comes to reaching out to the targeted audience.

How to Use Technology to Improve Customer Experience and Product Quality

Customers are the most important part of any business. They come first and foremost, and the customer experience should be seamless, easy, and enjoyable. The goal is to create a customer-centric business that is focused on the customer’s needs.

One way to do this is by using technology as an advantage. Technology can help you improve your customer experience and product quality by making it easier for customers to find what they need, make purchases, and give feedback.

The first way in which technology can be used to improve customer experience is through the customization of products. There are many examples of companies that customize their products for customers or allow customers to customize their own products. For example, Apple allows customers to choose from different colors for their phone cases and FitBit allows customers to choose from different colors for their bands. These companies allow customization because it makes the customer feel as if they are receiving a personalized product that was made just for them. This is what many people want when they buy.

The Complete Guide to Technology for Leaders

The Complete Guide to Technology for Leaders

Technology is a vital part of our lives. It has changed the way we do things and it will continue to change in the future.

Technology is an important part of our lives today. It has changed the way we do things and it will continue to change in the future. We have seen a lot of changes in technology over time, such as how we are using technology now compared to how people used it five years ago. We are also seeing new technologies that have never been seen before, such as virtual reality and self-driving cars. In the future, there will be more technologies that have not been invented yet that will change how we live our day-to-day lives even more than what we can imagine today.

How to Successfully Manage Tech Trends in the Workplace

It’s important to have a plan in place for managing the latest tech trends in the workplace. A plan will help you do things like making sure your company is accessible to everyone, and that you are mitigating risk.

The first step is to understand what the latest technology trends are. You can look at what’s trending on sites like Reddit, Twitter, or even Google Trends. The next step is to identify which of these technologies could be beneficial for your company and which ones might pose risks. For example, if you work with a lot of sensitive data, then AI assistants might be risky for you because they could be hacked and give away your data or steal it all together.

Digital Transformation in Businesses and How You Can Lead That Change

Digital transformation is a process that changes the way an organization works. It’s not just about technology and digital marketing, but also about the way people work and how they are managed.

The process of digital transformation starts by taking a step back and looking at your business, to identify what is working well, what needs to be improved or changed, and what you need to do in order to be successful in the future. This can involve examining your customer experience, your processes, or even how you manage your employees.

Digital transformation is not a one-time event, but something that needs to happen continuously. You need to lead this change by thinking about how you want your organization to grow and then taking action on it.

There are many leadership skills that are needed for the digital transformation process. These skills include:

  • managing change
  • leading through innovation
  • building a culture of innovation
  • and developing a customer-centric culture.
Managing Your Digital Identity Online and Offline as a Leader and What You Need to Know

A digital identity is a representation of you online. It is the sum of all your online activity, and it can be used to launch attacks on you and your company.

The way you manage your digital identity will vary depending on whether or not you are a leader in the organization.

There are several things that leaders need to know about managing their digital identity. They should know how to protect themselves from cyber attacks, how to create a corporate culture that values security, and what they should do if they are hacked.

What Can Technology Do For You? More Than Just Helping You Attain Goals

Technology has been a huge boon to society. It has helped us solve problems that were previously unsolvable and overcome hurdles that seemed insurmountable. It has given us the power to do things that seem impossible.

Some of the most common barriers broken with technology are the following:

  • Time: Technology can help you spend less time on tasks and more time on other things, such as family or your hobbies.
  • Money: Technology can help you save money by making your life more efficient and giving you access to information that was once hard to find or expensive
  • Information: Technology can give you access to more information than ever before, making it easier for you to make informed decisions about anything from where to live, what car insurance is best for your needs, and what school.

The conclusion of this article is that technology will continue to change our lives and it will have a significant impact on how we work, live, play, and think. Technology is already making changes in these areas of our lives, and as this trend continues there will be more changes to come.

Signs You're A Potential Entrepreneur

6 Signs You’re A Potential Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who starts and manages a business, taking on the risk of owning the business. Entrepreneurship is the act of starting a new company or organization or making changes to an existing company.

The entrepreneur is usually the one who has an idea for a new product or service and sees it through all stages of development. They are also responsible for hiring workers, deciding what products to produce and how much to charge for them, and overseeing all other aspects of their business.

You’ve Got a Creative Mindset

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It’s about being creative and taking risks.

Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers who can see opportunities that others might not. They are risk-takers who have the guts to take a chance on an idea, product or service that they believe in. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting your own business—it’s about having a mindset and a mindset of creativity, innovation, and risk-taking.

The first step to becoming a creative mindset entrepreneur is to have an idea for a business. The second step is to find out if there are similar businesses in the market that are doing well and see if you can do something better than them. From there, you should create your business plan and start selling your product or service.

In the end, it all comes down to creativity. You need to be able to think outside of the box and come up with new ways of doing things that haven’t been done before.

You Have a Level of Confidence in Your Own Ideas and in Yourself

Having a level of confidence in your own ideas and in yourself is important for success. Knowing that you have the ability to succeed can help you push through when times are tough.

Confidence is not just about feeling good about yourself, it’s also about being able to take risks and try new things. It’s often easier said than done, but it is possible to build this confidence over time by becoming more aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

You’re an Outgoing and Sociable Person Who Likes to Meet New People

Networking and meeting new people is an important skills for any entrepreneur. As a business owner, you need to be able to talk to people, make connections and grow your business.

There are many benefits of networking and meeting new people. Networking can help you find potential employees, customers, investors, or mentors. It can also help you meet like-minded entrepreneurs who can teach you about the challenges they have overcome in their own businesses.

Networking is not always easy, but it does come with a few tips that might help you get started:

  • Be confident when approaching other people
  • Always bring something that will help the conversation along (a drink or snack)
  • Ask questions about their interests to show them that you care about them as a person
You Like to Take Risks & Practice Active Risk Management Strategies

When you are an entrepreneur, you will be taking risks every day. It is important to have a strategy in place that will help you manage your risks better.

There are many different risk management strategies that entrepreneurs can employ to help them stay safe and secure. One of the most popular is the SWOT analysis. This type of analysis takes a look at all of the different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that an entrepreneur faces in their business.

The best way for entrepreneurs to stay safe is by practicing active risk management strategies like these.

There are many risks a person can take when they become an entrepreneur. Some of the risks include:

  • Financial risk: Entrepreneurs face the risk of losing their capital and being unable to repay debt.
  • Operational risk: This is a type of risk that arises from the way in which an organization operates, including its management, processes, and systems.
  • Strategic risk: This type of risk refers to any uncertainty that has a significant impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Market risk: This is the uncertainty about future changes in market prices that might have a significant impact on the value of assets or liabilities.
  • Political and legal risks: These types of risks refer to uncertainties about future changes in laws or regulations, or political changes within
There’s a Long History of Entrepreneurship in Your Family or Friends’ Circle

It’s not uncommon for ambitious entrepreneurs to have a family history of entrepreneurship. In fact, studies show that people who come from entrepreneurial families are more likely to become entrepreneurs themselves.

This means that they are more likely to be successful in their ventures because they have access to resources and knowledge – such as how to go about starting a business – that others might not.

In some cases, these family businesses are started by the entrepreneur’s parents or grandparents. This is often because the entrepreneur has grown up with this business and has seen it grow over time. The company is well-established and so it can provide a good foundation for the entrepreneur’s own venture.

You Set Goals for Yourself That Stretch Your Limits and Make Good Use of Your

Setting goals for yourself is a great way to keep your mind active and healthy. It also helps you to work on your life skills and become a more productive person.

If you want to set goals for yourself, you should start by making a list of the things that you want to achieve in the next year or so. Think about what would make you happy and what would make your life better. Then, think about how each goal will help you reach what it is that gives meaning to your life.

It’s important that the goals that you set are ones that stretch your limits and make good use of your talents. If they don’t, they may not be worth doing at all.


Complete Employee Retention Guide

The Complete Employee Retention Guide To Keep All Employees Loyal To Your Company

An employee retention strategy is a plan that an organization develops to retain employees. It is the process of creating a culture that attracts and retains talent.

The company should identify what are the reasons for employees to leave and create a plan on how to avoid them. For example, if employees are leaving because their salary is not competitive enough, the company should consider increasing it or offering bonuses or other benefits.

How to Identify the Downward Slope of an Employee’s Morale

There are several signs that can help identify the downward slope of an employee’s morale. These include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Low productivity
  • Poor performance on the job
  • Negative attitude and mood swings
  • Frequent absences from work
  • Withdrawal from social activities at work.
How to Prevent Turnover in Employees and Keep Them Happy

The turnover rate in companies is a topic that has been discussed for many years. It is often caused by employees feeling overworked and underappreciated by their company. In order to prevent this, the company should make sure they are not overworking their employees and provide them with enough time to take care of themselves.

To prevent this turnover, companies should try these three things:

1) Recognize their efforts: Employees need to feel appreciated for what they do and how hard they work. It is important for managers to recognize their employees’ contributions and thank them for their hard work.

2) Give them space: Employees should not be micromanaged because it will make them feel like they are not trusted or valued in any way. Instead, give employees space so that they can grow into their own person without feeling restricted by a boss who doesn’t.

What Should a Company do When They Have Lost All Their Employees?

When a company has lost all their employees, they need to take immediate action in order to not lose business. The first thing that the company needs to do is assess the situation and find out what went wrong. Then, they should take steps to rectify the issue before it gets worse.

The first step that a company should take when they have lost all their employees is assessing the situation. They will want to figure out what went wrong and then try to rectify it before it gets worse.

It is important for companies to have a winning employee retention strategy in order to keep everyone happy and motivated. This article will provide helpful tips and strategies for creating an employee retention strategy that will keep your employees happy and motivated!


Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business

Building customer loyalty is an important part of any business strategy. It helps to increase the likelihood that customers will buy from and continue to do business with a company.

Research has shown that loyal customers are more likely to buy from you than new customers, and they’re more likely to spend more money with you as well.

Building customer loyalty is important for any business. It helps them to create a strong customer base and grow their business. However, not all businesses are able to do this successfully. If you want to build customer loyalty, follow these tips:

  • Be consistent in your messaging
  • Provide an excellent experience
  • Show appreciation for your customers

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business

Create a Product Customers will Love

In order to create a product, customers will love, it is important to have a clear understanding of the customers’ needs and wants. Customers are often looking for the best solution that has the most value for their money.

We should make sure that we are designing products that are simple and easy to use. We should also make sure that we are creating products with features that will solve our customer’s problems as well as provide them with a sense of ease and familiarity.

Make it Convenient for Customers to Purchase What You’re Selling

Customers have a lot of choices these days. They can buy something at a store, they can get it delivered, or they can purchase it online. As the world becomes more digitalized, the number of people shopping online will only increase.

To make your store convenient for customers to purchase what you’re selling, you need to offer them a variety of payment options. This includes credit cards and PayPal.

Know When Customers are Likely to Turn Away from Your Product or Service

Customer churn rate is the percentage of customers who leave your business in a given period of time. It can be an important metric to monitor and improve, especially if you have a low churn rate. However, there are many reasons why customers might want to leave your business, and you need to know what they are in order to stop them from doing so.

The most common causes of customer churn include:

  • lack of trust in your product or service
  • lack of communication with the customer
  • poor customer service
  • pricey products – lack of features or benefits

Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Customer service excellence is the level of customer service that is provided by a company. It is a business strategy that focuses on delivering an excellent customer experience.

The idea behind customer service excellence is to provide the best experience for customers and make them happy. The goal of this strategy is to make customers happy, satisfied, and loyal to the company. Customer service excellence requires companies to have excellent customer support, great products and services, and excellent marketing strategies.

The use of AI chatbots for customer service has been on the rise in recent years. The technology can be used for anything from answering simple questions to providing automated responses when needed. This can make it easier for customers to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently without having to wait on hold or speak with a live representative. These chatbots also make it easier for companies to manage their customer service by providing more efficient routing of calls and messages and reducing the number of staff needed in this department.

Listen & Respond to Feedback from Customers Quickly and Thoughtfully

This is a very important section because it is the basis of customer service. The feedback loop allows companies to know what their customers are thinking and feeling. Feedback loops are important because they allow companies to know how their customers feel about the product, service, or company as a whole.

The feedback loop can be broken down into 3 parts: listen, respond, and learn. The first step is to listen to your customer’s feedback in order to understand what they need or want from you. Responding should not take too long, but should also not be too short either. It should be thoughtful and helpful to your customer’s needs while also being timely so that your customer does not have to wait too long for an answer. Finally, the third step in the feedback loop is learning from what has been said.

Guide to How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The Complete Guide to How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The Complete Guide to How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly, Optimized, & Proven To Improve Your Traffic

Mobile-friendly websites are important because they allow users to visit your site from any device, including their smartphones and tablets. Mobile-friendly websites make it easier for people to find the information they need and complete tasks like making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Website owners can take a few simple steps to ensure that their site is mobile-friendly. These include using responsive design, which automatically detects the type of device being used and serves up an appropriate version of the page, as well as optimizing images with smaller file sizes so pages load faster.

A mobile-friendly website is more than just a convenience for your customers. It can also help you rank higher in Google search results and make your site more responsive to different devices.

In today’s world, mobile devices are king. This is why it’s important for a website to be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website will allow you to reach out to the majority of business owners and customers who use their phones or tablets as their primary means of accessing the internet.

What is Responsive Web Design and Why is it Important?

Responsive web design is a technique used to ensure that a website will display correctly on all devices, regardless of size, orientation, or input type.

A responsive website is important because it allows for a better user experience. With responsive web design, the user doesn’t have to zoom in and out or switch between mobile and desktop versions of the website with every move. They can just interact with the same content in whatever way they choose.

The Importance of Speed

In the age of mobile and instant gratification, speed is an essential factor for a website. It is important to make sure that your website loads quickly on all devices.

A lot of people nowadays use their mobile devices to browse the internet. This means that your site needs to be optimized for this type of device in order to provide a good experience for these potential customers.

A page speed analysis tool can help you find out how fast your site is loading by measuring the time it takes from when it starts loading until it finishes loading. It will also show you what resources are being used as well as how much bandwidth is being consumed by each resource, which could help you identify if there are any unnecessary resources slowing down your site.

If you want to improve your page speed, there are a few things you can do:

  • Use an analytics tool like Google Analytics to see how long each page takes to load.
  • Use caching plugins such as WP Rocket or Cache Enabler for WordPress sites.
  • Optimize images by using tools like TinyPNG and ImageOptim

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is a tool that allows you to see if your site is mobile-friendly.

This tool was created by Google in order to help webmasters and developers make sure that their sites are mobile-friendly. It also helps Google determine which sites are not mobile-friendly.

Google has recently announced that starting on April 21, 2017, websites will be ranked lower in search results if they are not mobile-friendly.

How to Test Your Website for Mobile Friendliness

If you’re not sure how to tell if your site is mobile-friendly, there are a few things you can do. If you’re using WordPress (or another CMS), there are plugins that will help you identify any issues with your site and make adjustments accordingly. You can also use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, which provides an easy way to see if your site is mobile-friendly or not – just enter the URL of your homepage.

In this article, we have discussed the importance of making your website mobile-friendly. We have also provided a list of things that you can do to make your site more mobile-friendly.

It is worth noting that making your website more mobile-friendly can improve traffic and conversion rates as well as increase customer satisfaction.

We hope you have found this article helpful.

What To Look For When Starting A Profitable Online Game Business

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game ”- Michael Jordan

Many people like to spend time playing games, both on weekends or free time in the middle of a busy life. The gamers also consist of various ages, ranging from children to adults. Therefore, it is not surprising that the online gaming business is a very lucrative opportunity for business people.

Many entrepreneurs have proven the great opportunities that online gaming businesses offer. As proof, you can see so many internet cafe businessmen who have now turned their businesses into game centers. There, they also specifically provide computer rental services that are used to play online games.

This online game business, in particular, is a very potential opportunity if you establish it in the region. The situation in the regions is very different from the conditions in big cities. There, the people still find it difficult to reach electronic devices with sophisticated specifications that can play various types of games.

Tips for Success in Running an Online Game Business

It’s just that, promising opportunities in running an online gaming business don’t guarantee 100% success if you don’t run the business in a mature strategic manner. Last but not least, there are several factors that you need to prepare, namely:

Sophisticated Computer Devices

The first factor you need to pay attention to if you want to run a successful online gaming business is to provide a computer with high specifications. Use a computer with the latest processor that is accompanied by a quality graphics card, as well as large capacity RAM. That way, the computer can be used to run various types of heavy online games quite smoothly.

Stable and Fast Internet Access

The business you run is an online game. Besides needing a good computer, stable and fast internet access is also mandatory. Quality internet access capital guarantees customers can play games smoothly without any internet connection interruptions. Especially if your customers play IDN live game, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and so on, a good and smooth connection is required.

Consider Providing Quality Support Peripherals

Computer with high specifications already. Stable and fast internet access has also been prepared. However, these two were still not enough. You also need to provide supporting peripherals that provide comfort in playing games.

Keep in mind, peripherals for gaming computers have different features and functions than for ordinary computers. For example, on a game keyboard, it usually comes with a mechanical design and there are special buttons that make it easier for gamers to play games.

Comfortable Room Design

The comfort of the room is something that cannot be missed. Make sure the room is equipped with air conditioning. In addition, you also need to provide a special room for gamers who smoke. Seating must also be considered. With comfortable seating, gamers will feel at home playing games for a long time.

In addition, make sure to arrange the room based on its capacity and the number of computers you have. Don’t let the room look so crowded that it looks uncomfortable.

Strategic location

The online game business that you build must have a strategic location and can be easily reached. This strategic location must also be accompanied by adequate facilities, in particular a large and safe parking area. That way, gamers who come with private vehicles, can play games without worry.

Take advantage of a companion business

The online gaming business is usually crowded with gamers who spend hours in front of a computer screen. Only a small proportion of gamers bring food and drinks. This is a companion business opportunity that you can take advantage of. You can provide a varied menu of food and drinks for them. When hungry, gamers don’t need to leave the building to find food. Everything you can provide.

Be diligent in holding game competitions

The last tip that can increase the success of your online game business is to hold competitions regularly. You can hold this competition at the local or regional level. With competition, the online game business that you run will be better known by the wider community.

Good at Communication Is the Base of Success

Good at Communication Is the Base of Success. These 3 Tips Can Shape You To Be A More Successful Young Entrepreneur

The easiest and most difficult thing to do is communicate. Understanding the interlocutor, paying attention to the interlocutor’s attention to influencing the interlocutor, is a task that must be carried out as long as communication takes place. Paul J. Mayer once said that “Communication – human relationships – is the key to personal and career success.”

Communication is a connection between people – the key to personal and career success. This time I will share tips that are easy to do if you have a connection in communication. I will start by providing the conditions that you must try to conquer.

Meeting difficult people

Have you ever met someone who was very difficult for you to deal with? Usually, they are complainers, gossips, critics, or ignorant ones. On average, they will shower you with negative things. Well, if you have this, usually, the interruption that connects is “difficulty controlling emotions.” How to deal with it? Should I communicate with these types of people?

The answer is yes! You have to do it! This type of person is the type of person you should conquer first. If you have succeeded, then you will usually find it easy to master other situations and people. What you can do to initiate communication with this type of person is 4T (Wait, Respond, Accept, and Ask back). I started with Wait. Get in the habit of waiting for about 5 seconds before responding to whatever this type of person says to you.

The goal is you will have sufficient time to help emotions. Mixing emotional jumble in communication can sometimes bring life to your life. Second, respond. Get in the habit of training yourself to respond according to the wishes of the other person. The easiest way is to do mirroring or style matching with the other person you are talking to.

Third, accept. Accept any form of speech difficult type people. Usually, in the beginning, you will feel the ant bite because you hear what he said, but hang on. Form of acceptance You can nod once or twice when this type of person conveys his ideas. Fourth, ask back. Many people don’t feel cared for. Some of those who feel they don’t pay attention will experience mental disorders. These psychiatric disorders usually have the effect of wanting to do the same for other people.

Your job is to break this chain. Difficult types of people are usually the product of the cruelty of life. Some of them may have problems with family, work, or finances. So, they vent with negative things about others. It would help if you also expressed how to ask. Begin with a nod, then ask the question “why.”

Communicate with clients

Usually, psychologically, a person will feel he has a lower position than his client. The logic is simple because the brain works with both the giver and the taker of the system. Usually, humans will experience a decrease in self-confidence if they are in the position of taker or receiver. Unfortunately, this trend will become a big problem if allowed to drag on. Potential problems that arise can be such as your lack of focus on the client’s expectations, halting conversations, to canceling contracts with clients. The loss is on your side.

If you are serious about wanting a more harmonious relationship with a client to create success in your life, do this: “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.” Making preparations before meeting clients can start with identifying clients. What he wants, anyone who usually relates to your clients to your client’s background. The ease with which information is well known on the internet will really help you.

Communicate with suspicious spouses

One of the determining factors for success is a partner. What happens if the hard work we put in from morning to night ends in failure just because of a suspicious partner’s attitude? Of course, you are no stranger to hearing the term SSTI, Husbands Afraid of Istria or SPIDR, Husband and Wife at Home. These two concepts are closely related to facts in public life regarding suspicious partners.

If you experience this condition, all you have to do is “talk heart to heart.” Communicating with your partner, especially regarding tough compromises, cannot be done using logic. What you have to learn is to speak with your heart. Usually, the approach is the “storytelling” method. If you are a logical person, try to conquer this situation by heart. Silence your logic and start talking. Choose a comfortable place. My suggestion is the two of your favorite places are a brilliant solution!

So, are you ready for personal and career success?

Harland Sanders

It’s Not Too Late to Become an Entrepreneur

Lately, we are crammed with lots of stories of entrepreneurs who succeeded in achieving success at a young age, such as Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, Evan Burn founder of The Odyssey, Jack Dorsey founder of Twitter, and many more. Not to mention young Indonesian entrepreneurs, such as Elang Gumilang founder of Elang Group, Andrew Darwis founder of Kaskus, Achmad Zaky founder of Bukalapak and others.

Is seeing the fact that more than 35 years old is too late if you start doing business now? In fact, many entrepreneurs have just started doing business at the age of more than 35 years and succeeded in achieving success.

This is also proven by the results of research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation. Based on the results of this study, it was found that start-up owners over the age of 35 have more experience that can be used as primary capital to run a business.

Richard Branson (Virgin Group CEO) also said the same thing, that mature aged entrepreneurs are more likely to achieve success in running a business because it is rich in experience and wiser in making important decisions.

Here are Some Other Reasons Aspiring Entrepreneurs Over The Age of 35 are Not Too Late to Start Doing Business
  • The amount of experience in the past will make us tend to be more practical in managing expenses, wisely preparing to budget, also knowing which opportunities are excellent and which are not related to business agreements or other negotiations.
  • As we get older, our friendship network expands. With the current social media, friends from school (from elementary school, junior high school to college) are re-connected with us and allow us to collaborate with people who share our interests, find investors, find investors, the resources needed, and get a long list of clients and potential customers, can even ask for references to get employees who are talented and have the best abilities.
  • To procure funds, mature entrepreneurs get more convenience. As in the previous point, an extensive network of friends makes it easier for us to get investors. When applying for a loan at a large bank, the process is much easier because usually, at the age of 35 years and over, we already have assets that can be used as collateral.
  • Knowledge and abilities possessed have also been honed well. They can be used as initial capital to start a business, although in the process, it still requires an effort to learn new things, especially those related to business.

With so many reasons for us to start doing business at a young age when we want to throw away the opportunity to have our own business and achieve success next?

Successful Entrepreneurs Who Do Business at The Age of More Than 35 Years
Harland Sanders

• Jan Koum founded WhatsApp.
• Michael Arrington starts TechCrunch.
• The Westergren team starts Pandora.
• Jimmy Wales founded Wikipedia.
• Mark Pincus founded Zynga.
• Robert Noyce founded Intel.
• Robin Chase founded ZipCar.
• Craig Newmark founded CraigsList.
• Ray Kroc started McDonald’s.
• John Pemberton invents Coca Cola.
• Harland Sanders starts KFC.