Finding Promising Business Areas to Start as StudentPreneur

Small and Medium Enterprises are one of the biggest commodities in industrial civilization in South-East Asia. Even in many developed countries, SMEs have become the ‘backbone’ that delivers the most significant income compared to mid-sized businesses. Small and medium enterprises in Asia contribute 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the overall value of all goods and services produced in the region in certain periods. In addition to increasing GDP, SMEs also open up not a few jobs for our society. So, the SME business must continue to grow and give up business opportunities for those of you who like the world of entrepreneurship.

Although in the world of entrepreneurship, there is fairly rapid development, not many of all beginners have difficulty in choosing the type of business they will undergo. The reasons are very varied starting from the problem of starting a business because of lack of capital, insufficient experience in specific fields, lack of business knowledge, lack of understanding about marketing techniques, and few other obstacles. Of course, all these challenges do not create the beginners of this business to stop in developing their own business, because every company needs to pass the learning process and a real practical thing is very valuable for the continuity of the business going forward.

For all of us who want to start our own business, this is what we summarize some types of SME businesses that are quite promising to go through, even those that can be opened with small capital.


Even though its classified as a secondary use for humans, in fact, clothing or fashion can be categorized as primary needs in the current era, it can be seen that not a few of all business beginners choose to fight in the field of fashion.

The fashion business has not a few groups that can be developed into a business. Categories can be divided into three parts, namely Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Children’s Clothing. Not to mention can also be classified according to the description of the model sold — Moslem clothing, imported clothing, rest clothing and not a few other kinds.

In matters of capital, doing business in the field of fashion career can be said to require minimal money. With the drop ship system organized by all the major players in the area of Fashion, it makes it easy for business beginners to sell goods without having to issue more money to save stock.


Culinary business is a type of business that is not infrequently sold out in any atmosphere. The reason is that food is a basic necessity of human beings that cannot escape the life of all living things. This culinary business also has many categories such as snacks, drinks, and staple foods. All groups in culinary endeavors have the highest potential to reap profits, depending on what techniques are used to market it.


Individual transportation has become a necessity for residents in the capital city. It can be seen from the increase of motorbikes and cars that have finished passing each day on the streets until sometimes the traffic jams emerge. Therefore, as a careful person, the automotive sector is also a business opportunity that will continue to grow.

A short example is a workshop for those who like vintage or antique motorbikes. Even though antique motorcycles, its enthusiasts are not too many. Therefore, you can open services to change spare parts and services to make it look better. As a side, you can market motorcycle accessories like lights, seats, and even helmets to increase income from your business.


Most of the developed countries must have an educational system that supports the sake of a nation’s civilization. But in reality, there are not a few means of education that can be enjoyed by a group. The real example is for those who want to explore foreign languages ​​like English, the cost that must be spent is not small. Therefore, for the middle to lower classes, it is still quite challenging to learn the foreign language.

This is where all business beginners can pick up opportunities to develop business in the field of education, such as enforcing language institutions that can be achieved by all circles or course institutions for those who are running the National Examination. Of course, the teaching staff provided must also have skills in the teaching field.

Internet of Things (IOT)

In an era that is as sophisticated as it is now, human life cannot be separate from the internet which has made it easier for all people to live. All information can be easily obtained in the online world.

With the development of technology in the field of communication, business people have tried entrepreneurship in card games. Can you believe that something like card games in any kind can be fruitful as a business idea, and its a business that makes a considerable revenue? The simplicity that technology creates makes it can be played on smartphones, computers and internet networks. Usually, they offer products or types of games through social networks and also provide bonuses when sharing to their friends.

The article above is some business ideas that you can run if you are still confused in assessing which fields are suitable for you. If there are different fields that we have not included in this article, you can add them in the comments column below.