In our website there are many links that lead to different sites and on that matter we are not responsible for the intelligence of handling individual information on these sites. We encourage you to always watch and learn the intelligence of handling individual information on these sites before submitting personal information.

Information We Collect

We collect our Personal Data that is submitted to us and that is automatically recorded when using our services. The Personal Data includes but is not limited to the name of the user; user identification; user interaction with services and advertisements; transaction concerned with information; like when you receive an offer; download (download); or use software from us.

Our data that we store also includes information that we provide when contacting us for help or feedback, information that we enter into the system when using the service, like contact information / login credentials; address; phone number; e-mail address and credit card.

We and other third parties may process data about your computer equipment, for example IP addresses; browser type; Unique Device Identifier (for users who access our services through mobile phones); operating system; application version; and the latitude / longitude of your place (coordinates).

This data usually has an anonymous nature, but personal data is still felt, either individually or if combined together.

In the provision of this service there can be links that allow you to access and deliver our information to software or third party websites, then each of the information we provide to the software or other websites we automatically feel agrees, knows and follows the Privacy Policy the third party.

Share and Transfer Your Personal Data

We can and have the right to channel your Personal Data to our affiliated companies, and We (and / or affiliated companies) can disclose your Personal Data to third parties collaborating with us, the police, courts, relevant legal institutions, advertising companies, agencies and ad network.

Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your hard drive or memory card through a web browser when you visit our site. This allows our own system to recognize you when you come back to our site and add our services to you.

This information is used to track usage of Site visitors and compile statistical reports regarding Site activities. For more information about cookies, visit or

Cookies can also be used to compile overall information about the area of ​​our Site that is very frequently visited. This Traffic Information can also be used to add content to our Site and make our use easier.

If you want to reject our cookies, you can configure your browser to do so. However, if we do not activate cookies, you may not be able to access the useful or urgent features of this Site, and we may only be able to use the Site on a limited basis.

IP Addresses

We store IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, or where our computers are on the Internet, for system administration and troubleshooting needs. We use our wholesale IP address (aggregate) to understand the locations that access our website.

Log Files

Log Files, or Data Logs are only used in the aggregate format (whole) to analyze our web usage.