Signs You're A Potential Entrepreneur

6 Signs You’re A Potential Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who starts and manages a business, taking on the risk of owning the business. Entrepreneurship is the act of starting a new company or organization or making changes to an existing company.

The entrepreneur is usually the one who has an idea for a new product or service and sees it through all stages of development. They are also responsible for hiring workers, deciding what products to produce and how much to charge for them, and overseeing all other aspects of their business.

You’ve Got a Creative Mindset

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It’s about being creative and taking risks.

Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers who can see opportunities that others might not. They are risk-takers who have the guts to take a chance on an idea, product or service that they believe in. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting your own business—it’s about having a mindset and a mindset of creativity, innovation, and risk-taking.

The first step to becoming a creative mindset entrepreneur is to have an idea for a business. The second step is to find out if there are similar businesses in the market that are doing well and see if you can do something better than them. From there, you should create your business plan and start selling your product or service.

In the end, it all comes down to creativity. You need to be able to think outside of the box and come up with new ways of doing things that haven’t been done before.

You Have a Level of Confidence in Your Own Ideas and in Yourself

Having a level of confidence in your own ideas and in yourself is important for success. Knowing that you have the ability to succeed can help you push through when times are tough.

Confidence is not just about feeling good about yourself, it’s also about being able to take risks and try new things. It’s often easier said than done, but it is possible to build this confidence over time by becoming more aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

You’re an Outgoing and Sociable Person Who Likes to Meet New People

Networking and meeting new people is an important skills for any entrepreneur. As a business owner, you need to be able to talk to people, make connections and grow your business.

There are many benefits of networking and meeting new people. Networking can help you find potential employees, customers, investors, or mentors. It can also help you meet like-minded entrepreneurs who can teach you about the challenges they have overcome in their own businesses.

Networking is not always easy, but it does come with a few tips that might help you get started:

  • Be confident when approaching other people
  • Always bring something that will help the conversation along (a drink or snack)
  • Ask questions about their interests to show them that you care about them as a person
You Like to Take Risks & Practice Active Risk Management Strategies

When you are an entrepreneur, you will be taking risks every day. It is important to have a strategy in place that will help you manage your risks better.

There are many different risk management strategies that entrepreneurs can employ to help them stay safe and secure. One of the most popular is the SWOT analysis. This type of analysis takes a look at all of the different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that an entrepreneur faces in their business.

The best way for entrepreneurs to stay safe is by practicing active risk management strategies like these.

There are many risks a person can take when they become an entrepreneur. Some of the risks include:

  • Financial risk: Entrepreneurs face the risk of losing their capital and being unable to repay debt.
  • Operational risk: This is a type of risk that arises from the way in which an organization operates, including its management, processes, and systems.
  • Strategic risk: This type of risk refers to any uncertainty that has a significant impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Market risk: This is the uncertainty about future changes in market prices that might have a significant impact on the value of assets or liabilities.
  • Political and legal risks: These types of risks refer to uncertainties about future changes in laws or regulations, or political changes within
There’s a Long History of Entrepreneurship in Your Family or Friends’ Circle

It’s not uncommon for ambitious entrepreneurs to have a family history of entrepreneurship. In fact, studies show that people who come from entrepreneurial families are more likely to become entrepreneurs themselves.

This means that they are more likely to be successful in their ventures because they have access to resources and knowledge – such as how to go about starting a business – that others might not.

In some cases, these family businesses are started by the entrepreneur’s parents or grandparents. This is often because the entrepreneur has grown up with this business and has seen it grow over time. The company is well-established and so it can provide a good foundation for the entrepreneur’s own venture.

You Set Goals for Yourself That Stretch Your Limits and Make Good Use of Your

Setting goals for yourself is a great way to keep your mind active and healthy. It also helps you to work on your life skills and become a more productive person.

If you want to set goals for yourself, you should start by making a list of the things that you want to achieve in the next year or so. Think about what would make you happy and what would make your life better. Then, think about how each goal will help you reach what it is that gives meaning to your life.

It’s important that the goals that you set are ones that stretch your limits and make good use of your talents. If they don’t, they may not be worth doing at all.


Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business

Building customer loyalty is an important part of any business strategy. It helps to increase the likelihood that customers will buy from and continue to do business with a company.

Research has shown that loyal customers are more likely to buy from you than new customers, and they’re more likely to spend more money with you as well.

Building customer loyalty is important for any business. It helps them to create a strong customer base and grow their business. However, not all businesses are able to do this successfully. If you want to build customer loyalty, follow these tips:

  • Be consistent in your messaging
  • Provide an excellent experience
  • Show appreciation for your customers

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business

Create a Product Customers will Love

In order to create a product, customers will love, it is important to have a clear understanding of the customers’ needs and wants. Customers are often looking for the best solution that has the most value for their money.

We should make sure that we are designing products that are simple and easy to use. We should also make sure that we are creating products with features that will solve our customer’s problems as well as provide them with a sense of ease and familiarity.

Make it Convenient for Customers to Purchase What You’re Selling

Customers have a lot of choices these days. They can buy something at a store, they can get it delivered, or they can purchase it online. As the world becomes more digitalized, the number of people shopping online will only increase.

To make your store convenient for customers to purchase what you’re selling, you need to offer them a variety of payment options. This includes credit cards and PayPal.

Know When Customers are Likely to Turn Away from Your Product or Service

Customer churn rate is the percentage of customers who leave your business in a given period of time. It can be an important metric to monitor and improve, especially if you have a low churn rate. However, there are many reasons why customers might want to leave your business, and you need to know what they are in order to stop them from doing so.

The most common causes of customer churn include:

  • lack of trust in your product or service
  • lack of communication with the customer
  • poor customer service
  • pricey products – lack of features or benefits

Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Customer service excellence is the level of customer service that is provided by a company. It is a business strategy that focuses on delivering an excellent customer experience.

The idea behind customer service excellence is to provide the best experience for customers and make them happy. The goal of this strategy is to make customers happy, satisfied, and loyal to the company. Customer service excellence requires companies to have excellent customer support, great products and services, and excellent marketing strategies.

The use of AI chatbots for customer service has been on the rise in recent years. The technology can be used for anything from answering simple questions to providing automated responses when needed. This can make it easier for customers to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently without having to wait on hold or speak with a live representative. These chatbots also make it easier for companies to manage their customer service by providing more efficient routing of calls and messages and reducing the number of staff needed in this department.

Listen & Respond to Feedback from Customers Quickly and Thoughtfully

This is a very important section because it is the basis of customer service. The feedback loop allows companies to know what their customers are thinking and feeling. Feedback loops are important because they allow companies to know how their customers feel about the product, service, or company as a whole.

The feedback loop can be broken down into 3 parts: listen, respond, and learn. The first step is to listen to your customer’s feedback in order to understand what they need or want from you. Responding should not take too long, but should also not be too short either. It should be thoughtful and helpful to your customer’s needs while also being timely so that your customer does not have to wait too long for an answer. Finally, the third step in the feedback loop is learning from what has been said.

Good at Communication Is the Base of Success

Good at Communication Is the Base of Success. These 3 Tips Can Shape You To Be A More Successful Young Entrepreneur

The easiest and most difficult thing to do is communicate. Understanding the interlocutor, paying attention to the interlocutor’s attention to influencing the interlocutor, is a task that must be carried out as long as communication takes place. Paul J. Mayer once said that “Communication – human relationships – is the key to personal and career success.”

Communication is a connection between people – the key to personal and career success. This time I will share tips that are easy to do if you have a connection in communication. I will start by providing the conditions that you must try to conquer.

Meeting difficult people

Have you ever met someone who was very difficult for you to deal with? Usually, they are complainers, gossips, critics, or ignorant ones. On average, they will shower you with negative things. Well, if you have this, usually, the interruption that connects is “difficulty controlling emotions.” How to deal with it? Should I communicate with these types of people?

The answer is yes! You have to do it! This type of person is the type of person you should conquer first. If you have succeeded, then you will usually find it easy to master other situations and people. What you can do to initiate communication with this type of person is 4T (Wait, Respond, Accept, and Ask back). I started with Wait. Get in the habit of waiting for about 5 seconds before responding to whatever this type of person says to you.

The goal is you will have sufficient time to help emotions. Mixing emotional jumble in communication can sometimes bring life to your life. Second, respond. Get in the habit of training yourself to respond according to the wishes of the other person. The easiest way is to do mirroring or style matching with the other person you are talking to.

Third, accept. Accept any form of speech difficult type people. Usually, in the beginning, you will feel the ant bite because you hear what he said, but hang on. Form of acceptance You can nod once or twice when this type of person conveys his ideas. Fourth, ask back. Many people don’t feel cared for. Some of those who feel they don’t pay attention will experience mental disorders. These psychiatric disorders usually have the effect of wanting to do the same for other people.

Your job is to break this chain. Difficult types of people are usually the product of the cruelty of life. Some of them may have problems with family, work, or finances. So, they vent with negative things about others. It would help if you also expressed how to ask. Begin with a nod, then ask the question “why.”

Communicate with clients

Usually, psychologically, a person will feel he has a lower position than his client. The logic is simple because the brain works with both the giver and the taker of the system. Usually, humans will experience a decrease in self-confidence if they are in the position of taker or receiver. Unfortunately, this trend will become a big problem if allowed to drag on. Potential problems that arise can be such as your lack of focus on the client’s expectations, halting conversations, to canceling contracts with clients. The loss is on your side.

If you are serious about wanting a more harmonious relationship with a client to create success in your life, do this: “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.” Making preparations before meeting clients can start with identifying clients. What he wants, anyone who usually relates to your clients to your client’s background. The ease with which information is well known on the internet will really help you.

Communicate with suspicious spouses

One of the determining factors for success is a partner. What happens if the hard work we put in from morning to night ends in failure just because of a suspicious partner’s attitude? Of course, you are no stranger to hearing the term SSTI, Husbands Afraid of Istria or SPIDR, Husband and Wife at Home. These two concepts are closely related to facts in public life regarding suspicious partners.

If you experience this condition, all you have to do is “talk heart to heart.” Communicating with your partner, especially regarding tough compromises, cannot be done using logic. What you have to learn is to speak with your heart. Usually, the approach is the “storytelling” method. If you are a logical person, try to conquer this situation by heart. Silence your logic and start talking. Choose a comfortable place. My suggestion is the two of your favorite places are a brilliant solution!

So, are you ready for personal and career success?

Harland Sanders

It’s Not Too Late to Become an Entrepreneur

Lately, we are crammed with lots of stories of entrepreneurs who succeeded in achieving success at a young age, such as Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, Evan Burn founder of The Odyssey, Jack Dorsey founder of Twitter, and many more. Not to mention young Indonesian entrepreneurs, such as Elang Gumilang founder of Elang Group, Andrew Darwis founder of Kaskus, Achmad Zaky founder of Bukalapak and others.

Is seeing the fact that more than 35 years old is too late if you start doing business now? In fact, many entrepreneurs have just started doing business at the age of more than 35 years and succeeded in achieving success.

This is also proven by the results of research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation. Based on the results of this study, it was found that start-up owners over the age of 35 have more experience that can be used as primary capital to run a business.

Richard Branson (Virgin Group CEO) also said the same thing, that mature aged entrepreneurs are more likely to achieve success in running a business because it is rich in experience and wiser in making important decisions.

Here are Some Other Reasons Aspiring Entrepreneurs Over The Age of 35 are Not Too Late to Start Doing Business
  • The amount of experience in the past will make us tend to be more practical in managing expenses, wisely preparing to budget, also knowing which opportunities are excellent and which are not related to business agreements or other negotiations.
  • As we get older, our friendship network expands. With the current social media, friends from school (from elementary school, junior high school to college) are re-connected with us and allow us to collaborate with people who share our interests, find investors, find investors, the resources needed, and get a long list of clients and potential customers, can even ask for references to get employees who are talented and have the best abilities.
  • To procure funds, mature entrepreneurs get more convenience. As in the previous point, an extensive network of friends makes it easier for us to get investors. When applying for a loan at a large bank, the process is much easier because usually, at the age of 35 years and over, we already have assets that can be used as collateral.
  • Knowledge and abilities possessed have also been honed well. They can be used as initial capital to start a business, although in the process, it still requires an effort to learn new things, especially those related to business.

With so many reasons for us to start doing business at a young age when we want to throw away the opportunity to have our own business and achieve success next?

Successful Entrepreneurs Who Do Business at The Age of More Than 35 Years
Harland Sanders

• Jan Koum founded WhatsApp.
• Michael Arrington starts TechCrunch.
• The Westergren team starts Pandora.
• Jimmy Wales founded Wikipedia.
• Mark Pincus founded Zynga.
• Robert Noyce founded Intel.
• Robin Chase founded ZipCar.
• Craig Newmark founded CraigsList.
• Ray Kroc started McDonald’s.
• John Pemberton invents Coca Cola.
• Harland Sanders starts KFC.


Esports as a New Professional Business

The rapidly developing esports or electronic industry promises professional career opportunities. No longer seen as a game, esport grew into a growing industry.

Eddy Lim

A market research and consultancy company specializing in the game and esports industry in Southeast Asia and China, 41 percent of the 266 million Indonesians are casual mobile or PC gamers. Revenues for online PCs and mobile games in Indonesia reached 606 million US dollars in 2018. That number is expected to increase to 1,156 million USD in 2022.

The President of the Indonesia Esports Association (IESPA) Eddy Lim explained, electronic sports (esports) in Indonesia had actually appeared since 2000. But when it was just a game, it had not become a sport — six years starting to develop into sports. Indonesia itself has hosted game matches at the 2016 Tavisa event.

“Esports is not just playing games, but brain battles, fighting strategies. Precisely the physical training needed to improve concentration,” said Eddy while speaking at the IEL Campus Seminar, Esports: Beyond Gaming at Maranatha University, Bandung, Friday, February 8, 2019.

He said, esports is a sport of the future. This sport develops by riding on technological advances.

Profession Other Than Players

Harry Kartono

According to him, the development of esports provides opportunities for new professions. Not only as an athlete and referee but explore the business side of esports. For example, being a game organizer event organizer, also to prepare for the production of game competition.

“We invite universities to form Esports SMEs to prepare their human resources. Esports is 30 percent talking about achievements, 70 percent about the preparation of human resources in the esports industry,” he said.

The business side of esports can be explored and studied through the UKM. “Esports start from a business. Because it is down from business, the business side is very thick,” said Eddy.

In this event, four speakers explained their career in the world of esports. They are Stanley Tjia as an international referee of Esports, caster, and influencer Clara Mongstar, PBIC 2012 World Champion, who is also an alumnus of Maranatha University August Urip Santoso, and Nixia founder and NXA-Gaming team manager Fram Shaw.

Deputy Rector III of Maranatha University Robby Yussac Tallar said games are the world of the millennial generation now. Like a knife, games can be used for both good and bad things.

“Not only playing games but also developing ourselves. This is not just a game,” he said.

He hopes students and young people generally not only play but also get to know all the ins and outs of esports.

“In the coming era, everything is virtual and digital, and it’s your world,” he said.

Prize of IDR 1 billion at the 2019 University Series IEL competition

He expressed his pride for the success of the Maranatha University team, which became one of 12 universities in the 2019 Universities Series IEL competition.

MIX 360 ESPORTS, as a business entity with a commitment to developing the esports industry in Indonesia, is currently working on various initiatives to build the esports ecosystem in the country, starting from fostering professional athletes and caster esports seeds, to preparing quality esports team management. One of the first steps was by launching the 2019 IEL University Series.

Ministry of Youth and Sports (KEMENPORA) supported the 2019 IEL UNIVERSITY SERIES which is the first official and famous esports competition for university-level in Indonesia, (KOI) Indonesian Olympic Committee, the Federation of Indonesian Community Recreational Sports (FORMI), and (IESPA) Indonesia Esports Association. This competition was also approved by (AeSF) Electronic Sports Asia Federation, which later will become part of the official local university league under the auspices of the IESPA.

“To develop esports, it must first start from changing the traditional paradigm of parents and educational institutions towards esports,” said MIX 360 ESPORTS Chief Operational Officer Harry Kartono.

In the IEL 2019 University Series season 1 event, as many as 12 selected campuses were ready to send representatives to win. One of them is Maranatha Christian University.

Beyond Gaming

Two branches of the competition are Dota 2 and Mobile Legends. The 12 participating IEL Universities will be divided into two groups that will play an online preliminary round from January to March 2019. Then, the best four teams from each branch will compete in the semifinals and finals at the end of April 2019. As for the place, the final round of the IEL 2019 University Series took place at the LigaGame Arena. The total prize of Rp. 1 billion will be contested by the IEL 2019 University Series participants in this first season. 

Online Game Developer as an Alternative Entrepreneur

Hobbies are often the secret behind the success story of an entrepreneur. Hobbies will encourage someone to explore everything related to him in more depth. Are you passionate about playing games and having an entrepreneurial spirit? There is no harm in trying to develop a game.

Not a few people have opened businesses in this field besides the rather large corporations. Adhyastuti Widyaparamita, QA HD Manager of PT Gameloft Indonesia, said, three matters that need to be possessed if you want to do business in this field have extensive knowledge about the game industry, having an artistic spirit and having programming skills.

In the site, Jeff Tunnell, a computer game maker, programmer, and site designer in more depth say five real steps that need to be implemented to start an effort to develop the game.

What needs to be prepared? Follow the steps one by one.

1. Hobbies

Hobby playing games are the first step to developing a business in the field of gaming. Feelings of pleasure will make it easier for you to learn and build your imaginary gaming company. If we don’t know about the program, you can learn to create games using free trial software. You can try to upload your writing on a web page or a special forum like Unity Forums and GarageGames to introduce your work.

2. Education and Build a Resume

To be able to do a game business, we do not need to pass a certain level of education. The most important thing is to increase your resume and portfolio, for example by creating software or mini-game, learning the techniques of working web programs, working techniques for PC and GPU, C ++, 3D Studio Max, OpenGL, and Direct-X.

3. Create a Game in Your Spare Time

In this stage, you can learn to develop a game. One of the most important affairs of this stage is the learning process that we experience around the game creation process. You can also make sales on a small scale even though the results have not been so satisfying.

On the other hand, this phase will trigger your creative mind to work harder. There are a lot of self-made games that sold for a fortune. Take an example from video poker, is one of the best poker online game that was published in early 2014. Built based on a poker hobby, self-developed and hit the jackpot in the market.

4. Develop Full Time

After you successfully test it, you can start developing the game in real terms. Of course, you must be prepared with all the risks facing. In this stage, we will enjoy how difficult it is to become an entrepreneur who is not very well established. Maybe you cannot control employees and financial flows in full.

5. Focus on The Time and Energy Used for The Game That Has Been Developed

If we can go through the four previous stages, on this stage, you are ready to develop your own game in focus. Our days will be drained by developing games, designs, and marketing. Make the game that we like, and when it turns out the results of its development cannot be sold, it is very unlikely that you will be proud to have made it.

Dare to face the risks that come? If you are passionate and interested in becoming a game developer, prepare yourself by learning the science of programming and web design for your initial capital. Don’t hesitate to develop your creativity!

Finding Promising Business Areas to Start as StudentPreneur

Small and Medium Enterprises are one of the biggest commodities in industrial civilization in South-East Asia. Even in many developed countries, SMEs have become the ‘backbone’ that delivers the most significant income compared to mid-sized businesses. Small and medium enterprises in Asia contribute 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the overall value of all goods and services produced in the region in certain periods. In addition to increasing GDP, SMEs also open up not a few jobs for our society. So, the SME business must continue to grow and give up business opportunities for those of you who like the world of entrepreneurship.

Although in the world of entrepreneurship, there is fairly rapid development, not many of all beginners have difficulty in choosing the type of business they will undergo. The reasons are very varied starting from the problem of starting a business because of lack of capital, insufficient experience in specific fields, lack of business knowledge, lack of understanding about marketing techniques, and few other obstacles. Of course, all these challenges do not create the beginners of this business to stop in developing their own business, because every company needs to pass the learning process and a real practical thing is very valuable for the continuity of the business going forward.

For all of us who want to start our own business, this is what we summarize some types of SME businesses that are quite promising to go through, even those that can be opened with small capital.


Even though its classified as a secondary use for humans, in fact, clothing or fashion can be categorized as primary needs in the current era, it can be seen that not a few of all business beginners choose to fight in the field of fashion.

The fashion business has not a few groups that can be developed into a business. Categories can be divided into three parts, namely Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Children’s Clothing. Not to mention can also be classified according to the description of the model sold — Moslem clothing, imported clothing, rest clothing and not a few other kinds.

In matters of capital, doing business in the field of fashion career can be said to require minimal money. With the drop ship system organized by all the major players in the area of Fashion, it makes it easy for business beginners to sell goods without having to issue more money to save stock.


Culinary business is a type of business that is not infrequently sold out in any atmosphere. The reason is that food is a basic necessity of human beings that cannot escape the life of all living things. This culinary business also has many categories such as snacks, drinks, and staple foods. All groups in culinary endeavors have the highest potential to reap profits, depending on what techniques are used to market it.


Individual transportation has become a necessity for residents in the capital city. It can be seen from the increase of motorbikes and cars that have finished passing each day on the streets until sometimes the traffic jams emerge. Therefore, as a careful person, the automotive sector is also a business opportunity that will continue to grow.

A short example is a workshop for those who like vintage or antique motorbikes. Even though antique motorcycles, its enthusiasts are not too many. Therefore, you can open services to change spare parts and services to make it look better. As a side, you can market motorcycle accessories like lights, seats, and even helmets to increase income from your business.


Most of the developed countries must have an educational system that supports the sake of a nation’s civilization. But in reality, there are not a few means of education that can be enjoyed by a group. The real example is for those who want to explore foreign languages ​​like English, the cost that must be spent is not small. Therefore, for the middle to lower classes, it is still quite challenging to learn the foreign language.

This is where all business beginners can pick up opportunities to develop business in the field of education, such as enforcing language institutions that can be achieved by all circles or course institutions for those who are running the National Examination. Of course, the teaching staff provided must also have skills in the teaching field.

Internet of Things (IOT)

In an era that is as sophisticated as it is now, human life cannot be separate from the internet which has made it easier for all people to live. All information can be easily obtained in the online world.

With the development of technology in the field of communication, business people have tried entrepreneurship in card games. Can you believe that something like card games in any kind can be fruitful as a business idea, and its a business that makes a considerable revenue? The simplicity that technology creates makes it can be played on smartphones, computers and internet networks. Usually, they offer products or types of games through social networks and also provide bonuses when sharing to their friends.

The article above is some business ideas that you can run if you are still confused in assessing which fields are suitable for you. If there are different fields that we have not included in this article, you can add them in the comments column below.

4 Mind Habit of Facebook Founders that Will Make You Success

Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg? As the founder of Facebook, he is among the very young billionaires in the world. The success is not reached in short periods. Only from the film, The Social Network adapted from the story of his life; you can judge that Zuck came to a problem that was not simple in fostering Facebook. Not to mention the different issues that are not shown in the film.

Well, Facebook’s success is inseparable from Zuckerberg’s thinking. He realized those thoughts in the company he built, starting from managing techniques to quality that must be present in each employee. What are those thoughts, friend Studentpreneur?

Not Just Dreaming, But Working Wholeheartedly

Every success comes from a dream. It is true with Zuckerberg and Facebook. However, Zuckerberg did not stop until that quick goal. When invited as a speaker at the Startup School event held at Stanford, Zuckerberg wrote that you have to do basic things if you want to achieve success. For Zuckerberg, the unique business in fostering Facebook is the operation of the basics of how people live.

Through the event, Zuckerberg also supports all startup owners to explore not a few areas and ensure that the business being explored will bring positive consequences. Explore some possible opportunities before you commit to one thing. Be flexible until you know what you want to do.

Recruiting the Best People

A habit in the company is made from the people or employees recruited. Facebook is known as a company that has a reasonably strict recruitment selection process. That way, they only hire employees who have the right skills. This legacy is also a manifestation of Zuckerberg’s thinking. On Facebook, among the things that become the company’s concentration is to keep the number of employees from going down. It can be done by making sure that each employee you recruit to the company is correctly weighted.

Always Prioritizing the Company’s Mission

In 2015, Zuckerberg once held a Q & A session suddenly passing through his Facebook page. Of the topics discussed, Zuckerberg stated that he “only” drained a time of 50-60 hours each week in the office or meeting. Furthermore, Zuckerberg said that he drained at least a little time by thinking of techniques on how to connect people in the world and spend services for them. Well, the process is more or less done at outside the office space.

Zuckerberg wrote that if you judge an office or meeting room as a place of “real” activity, then he is merely “working” no more than 50-60 hours a week. However, if you count the times Zuckerberg drained to concentrate on company goals, then Zuckerberg did it every day.

Products that will Never been Completed

For Zuckerberg, there are no products that are truly finished. The following is the underlying way of “hacker way” on Facebook. A product aims to connect people using technology, to the extent that Zuckerberg and his team often search for better techniques to realize the business. Zuckerberg always uses passion in making the desired product so that Facebook is still not often relevant, no matter how much the company develops. In making products, Zuckerberg adheres to the simplicity so that Facebook users can share information as smoothly as possible.

That’s the number of thoughts of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who can help you succeed. Of course, you have some separate ideas related to the technique of achieving success, but there is no harm in learning from Zuckerberg’s thinking to help you make it happen.

10 Tips to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Above the Line

In this day and age, it seems that there are more and more young entrepreneurs from many types of business lines. These are a relatively significant change in the previous view so that not a few people prefer to be employees or ordinary office workers. Then, we assume that we will start our own business and no longer become employees. Is this possible?

When we go to school and college, maybe we aren’t taught a little more to work on tasks as preparation for your work. Not a few courses that motivate us to become entrepreneurs. Is it possible to start becoming an entrepreneur without certain educational provisions? The answer is possible. As a first step in the world of entrepreneurship, the first thing you need to have is the entrepreneurial spirit. By having an entrepreneurial spirit, you will be more able to start a business that you have established and been more able to survive running the business. Here are the 10 tips to keep your entrepreneurial spirit above the line that you can try:

1. Strengthen Determination and Intention

The first thing you have to do is strengthen your determination and intention. Do not let the willingness to become entrepreneurs solely because of the trend or temporary will. With you increase the determination and intention, later you will be ready to face all the obstacles and trials that you will undoubtedly get around starting a business.

2. Make Specific Targets and Detail Plan for the Future

Targets and plans will make you more ready to build a business. With the existence of targets and plans, you will more easily create business steps that must be followed and more easily measure their performance. This goal and plan will also make you more motivated to uphold an increasingly complex business from time to time.

3. Have a Business Idea

Sharpen your ideas to uphold business. You can’t be an entrepreneur if you don’t have a business idea — no need to go too far to enforce the breakthrough idea. You can start from a business that seems small, but it is your passion and interest. That way, you can have a business that is both unique and exciting for you to do.

4. Measure the Risk that Might Arise

You are not likely to uphold a business that is not measurable, and you do not know the risks. Find out what business risks might be present before you start the business. You can also prepare plan A, plan B and so on to deal with these risks. By measuring your risk first before you start a business, you will have a better countermeasure if the risks arise.

5. Learn from Other People’s Business Stories

To foster an entrepreneurial spirit, you don’t often have to learn from your book or experience. Often other people’s empiricism can be the most valuable exercise to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Try to read different business success stories of people who can also give you new insights and motivations to establish your own business.

Reading other people’s success stories will help you deal with business phases that others may have felt. This action definitely will help prepare yourself and not surprise you if bad things happen to your business. Also, by reading other people’s success stories, you might pursue successful tips that you don’t necessarily get from reading ordinary books.

6. Grow Optimism

Prepare mentally to face obstacles that you will naturally experience when starting your business later. The main thing is optimism that will keep you confident in continuing your business and reaching your target. Without optimism, you will quickly give up and do not want to extend your business. Of course, this business will frustrate your desire to become an entrepreneur.

Do not let you pessimistic feeling when starting a business. Not merely blocking reaching the target, pessimism will make you phobia facing obstacles and evolution that indeed occur in the business world.

7. Focus

At first, you have a target and a business plan. So, focus on the matter. Do not easily glance at ‘neighboring businesses’ because these matters will make you not concentrate and even disrupt your original plan. With your focus on the target and the initial plan, you will be more efficiently run your step by step plan and not disturb the mind that suddenly comes and deflects your goal.

So, focus on the target and initial plan. Focus does not mean you only do one business that you have planned. Staying there can be wrong in the middle of the road. However, with you concentrating on a destination that you have defined at the beginning, you will be better able to find a solution if there are obstacles in the middle of a business trip. Continue to make continuous improvements to improve the quality of your business and develop it.

8. Follow the Entrepreneurial Study Room

Now there are not a few seminars and study rooms created for all beginners in the business world. This class will be very functional for you to follow. Entrepreneurial courses will also give you tips on growing an entrepreneurial spirit that you might not get in other locations. Here you can ask directly for business practitioners and ask for suggestions to enforce business directly to experts.

9. Grow Courage

When you decide to jump into the world of entrepreneurship, that means you are ready for all the challenges. So, you must have courage as a way to grow your entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t be easily intimidated by a different business or a more successful competitor. Make the company a challenge for you as well as grow your business. By viewing competition as a challenge, you will not be easily afraid and give up. Indeed, with these obstacles, you will be more motivated to fight and develop for the sake of your civilization.

10. Practice Sensitivity to Business Opportunities

Previously it was said that you must concentrate on developing a business that you have established. Not that you don’t accept other people’s input or criticism. However, you must make the criticism and advice as of material for business development, rather than taking it raw to stop the ongoing business and enforce other companies. Practice your sensitivity to pick up criticism and suggestions that you receive as new opportunities that you can apply to your business today. Most importantly, you should not view criticism from different people as a sneer or something that will make you down.

You can apply these 10 tips to grow the entrepreneurial spirit if you want to change direction as an entrepreneur. However, being mentally prepared will be more likely to foster advanced business. Good luck!

3 Ways to Build Natural Intention to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur? Or have you ever thought of being a good businessman? Or imagine that the entrepreneur is not about a little money? Okay, matching the topic this time, we will try to discuss How to Build Natural Intention to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur.

The intention is the desire contained in our heart, to work on action. A prospective entrepreneur has to get up from the location of his residence, in other words, what? The meaning is to work and take action immediately, whether it’s a small gesture, which undoubtedly can encourage you to become an entrepreneur. Grab the first intention in the heart and magnify the desire contained in your souls. The best desire is a self-built desire to reach financial freedom and time.

Some Techniques to Build Intention to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur.

Always Feeling Weakness

Remember !!! not infrequently feel the weakness here is positive, for example: suppose that when we watch our friends or friends use a product that is more expensive than us, actually the product is the same as what you have (for example a cellphone).

Now, with our positivity, you will be motivated by how to be able to purchase the same product as your friends.

To become an entrepreneur you must to do so. We must feel that we are not enough at this time. Remember !!! in positive matters. So you will always think shortcomings. Finally, you don’t just hunt for jobs with income fixed but instead searching for the title of a Successful Entrepreneur.

Always Thinking For Success

Why is that? Believe or not, me and all of us certainly never heard of mothers tell a story about their child becoming Successful Employee, but why is there always a Successful Entrepreneur. Well, that’s the reason why we don’t have to think often for success.

Success obtained when we can surpass ourselves.

So with not often thinking about success, then your heart, soul, and body will be connected to work on the revolution immediately. That is the revolution thinking of digging new roads to be successful so that they will become entrepreneurs.

Have a Spirit on Giving More

If a prospective entrepreneur can think of giving more, then he will easily pursue the path of success.

What the entrepreneur gives more is the value of money, the value of the product and the value of trust.

So, in broad outline How to Build Natural Intention to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur is to increase the sense of being an entrepreneur by struggling wholeheartedly without any remorse by feeling the process to become a successful entrepreneur later. The above are some techniques that you can try to apply in the business you are building. But the methods above still need to be adjusted to your current atmosphere and conditions. So you have to pursue your style to manage the company you are building. Good luck and keep the spirit above the line.

Hopefully, this article can help you to continue to grow and channel the knowledge that you get from the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur.